Monday, June 1, 2009

New Moon Trailer = Me likey

Denise and I haven't gotten our new cable box from Comcast yet (which is my fault), and we missed the MTV movie awards last night. We kept checking all types of media outlets for our very own peek at the New Moon trailer.

As we were giving up and going to head off to bed, I took just one more peek at And there on the home page was the trailer.

The permalink was like a blinking Christmas light telling us "Click me. You know you wanna see hot Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner." I opened the link and Denise sat next to me as we watched the clip for the first time.

Three more viewings later, we were both excited with goosey bumps on our arms. I CAN'T WAIT! Seriously, there's something so juvenile about this movie...and the Twilight saga in general...but I cannot help myself! It's like I am a tween again. SAVE ME FROM THE MADNESS.


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