Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bar Keeper's Friend helped save my skillet

Over Halloween this past October, my roommate had an accident that involved my small skillet, yummy sausages and a hot burner. Needless to say, it scorched my pot and the burn marks wouldn't come out.

I was a little verklempt on how to get the burn marks off without having to get a new pot. Initially, my mom gave me an all green cleaner, because she had used it on a lot of her uncleanable items. After unsuccessfully scrubbing my skillet 'til my fingers bled, my mom recommended Bar Keeper's Friend. My roommate and I were talking about it and she got a bottle of it. Amazeballs! The skillet is (almost) scorch free.

So, in ode to this little wonder, I'm doing my own endorsement commercial via my blog. Don't freak out, it's only a :10 commercial rather than a :30 or :60 spot...geesh....

Camera pans to a young woman scrubbing in the sink. She rinses the pot and sees a sparkling, shiny Wolfgang Puck (love the product placement?) skillet.

The woman smiles and lookes into the camera while holding a bottle of BKF.

"Thanks Bar Keeper's Friend! You saved my skillet...and wallet...from having to be replaced!" *insert wink and cheesy smile here*

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