Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys, or should I call them "Schammys"

I turned on the Grammys at exactly 7:02pm CST to see the ending of Lady Gaga's "Pokerface" with the transition into "Speechless/Your Song" with Elton John. I love Gaga but find her live performances to be a bit confusing to me. And while I love the theater and musical expression, I still don't completely understand her.

Some of the award winners weren't exactly who I would have thought deserving of the Grammy, but it is not my job to decide. To be nominated in the category alone makes them worthy, I guess...

What I have most been disappointed with is the quality of performances. Specifically focusing on Taylor Swift. While I believe her to be wise beyond her years as a lyricist, I find her vocal quality as low as you can imagine. Still, she has dominated the music scene this year winning numerous awards. Should I not feel duped when this happens? To award a singer for her inability to remain on key while performing live?

Seriously? Do you think the Grammy Committee was contemplating a polite course of action for asking for the Grammy back? Because if I were them, I would be embarrassed.

I understand the purpose of the Grammys is to celebrate ALL music forms; however, I feel as though it's an excuse for horrible performances.

People complain about performances and have no merit to their critique. These people base it off of what they've seen/heard by the judges on "American Idol," but let me be clear. I wouldn't take advice or direction of critiquing musical capabilities by people who use the word "pitchy." I do understand music and have been surrounded by it since birth and studied it. Which probably isn't a good thing when you want to just sit back and enjoy a performance.

Still, I think there needs to be some responsibility put on "performers" when it comes to tonality, rhythm and creativity.

Now, let's end on a positive note of the evening. I enjoyed Pink's aerial expression and choreography. The fact she dipped herself into a pool a la "Flash Dance" was AWESOME! Also, Beyonce in her military "Don't Mess With Me or You'll Go Home a Hen vs. Rooster" get-up was sweet. When she broke out into "You Oughta Know," I thought I had died. I had heard she performed this song while on tour, but it was awesome to have it on the Grammys. I was surprised how much I enjoyed David Foster, Andrea Bocelli & Mary J Blige's performance. It really did move me. The ice and fire of the two genres/sounds was great.

Most surprising fact about tonight's performers...Bon Jovi had never performed before tonight! What? You're telling me that during all the Grammys of the hair band years, Bon Jovi NEVER performed? Well, I was shocked. It was a great touch to allow the public to vote on which song Bon Jovi performed. Of course I voted. When my friend, Jennifer, told me it was open voting. I hopped on to vote. When I saw "Living On a Prayer" was one of the 3 songs, I knew it would win. Even still, I voted for "Always." Can't beat a rock ballad.

Each year, the Grammys puts together a year in review of all the musicians and executives who had passed. I was a bit upset that Ellie Greenwich didn't get any further respect than her name at the end. A lot of well-known music has her influence.

When Les Paul's RIP came up, I thought of my dad. And when they paid a tribute playing a Gibson Les Paul electric, I remembered my dad. From when I was younger, I remember my dad jamming out in the basement with his Les Paul.

***BREAKING NEWS: Taylor Swift just won for album of the year.***

On that note, I need to go. I seriously cannot believe that. I like the girl but come on...that's some BS.

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