Saturday, April 4, 2009

Deep in the heart of Texas!

How would one know that Spring has officially sprung unless one takes a Spring Break mini getaway? One can't!!! So, in order to honor the commencement from Winter to Spring, Brianne and I took a roadtrip to visit our friend, Denise, who had moved to Texas about a year ago.

The road trip began on a Friday night from Hoopeston, Illinois (home of the Cornjerkers) and ended in Pearland, Texas (a suburb right outside of Houston). Gotta love a 15 hour road trip that takes you through such exciting cities such as Dix, Illinois, Arkadelphia, Arkansas and Cotton Plant, Arkansas. I mean, seriously people.

I really enjoyed my time there. We had a very calm trip full of shopping, going out, recooping from our hangovers, going to bed at 5am, visiting Chocolate Bar, going costume shopping, seeing "I Love You Man," and GRILLING OUT IN MARCH!!!

The thing I find most annoying when taking road trips is the differing driving styles between states. It seems that Arkansasians don't like a turn signal, but they LOVE driving slowly in the left hand lane. Texans seem to like hugging the lines while driving their over-compensatingly large trucks. And we know what big cars compensate for...short....legs.

Anyway, that's neither here nor there. I think my favorite moment in Texas was Chocolate Bar. I want to marry the man who thinks it's a good idea for me to start my own sweet treat shop filled will chocolatey goodness. Cakes, tortes, everything dipped in chocolate! *HEAVEN* I wanted to just roll around in everything...and now I sound like a dog.

With Denise wanting to move back to Illinois, prefererably Chicago, this might be my only visit out there!

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