Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where has 2 months gone?

So, I haven't been blogging since February 25th. I cannot believe I have neglected my blog outlet for 2 months. This fact is just outrageous. Simply outrageous. The past 2 months have been highly dedicated to work and my newfound love...

THE TWILIGHT SAGA! I cannot tell you how much I loved these books. I think in total the 4books have about 2,000 pages, which I read over 9 days (a feat that my friends called fanatical and crazy). I read Twilight in one sitting on a rainy Sunday after the Forest Park St. Paddy's Parade. It was a good tired/hungover book. The other books took 2 1/2 or 3 days to get through. This accounted to late nights...

The saga was a nice escape from the serious story lines I had been reading. Over Christmas, I saw the movie with a friend who had read the first 2 books. She told me that the movie was lacking compared to the book. Still, I didn't motivated to buy the book.

Then, my friend said she had the 4 books at her office and needed to bring them home. "I'll read them if you bring them home," I told her. That week, I had Twilight and New Moon on the coffee table. Again, I just wasn't in the mood to start reading. But once that first book was over, I couldn't stop thinking about starting the sequel.

It is official, and I am a Twilight fanatic. November 20, 2009 cannot come soon enough. New Moon is supposed to have a bigger budget, which I think will lend to better effects and story line. Hopefully, it will encompass more of the book than the first movie. And while I think Edward Cullen is dreamy, I'm team Jacob. Tall, dark and handsome.

P.S. Robert Pattinson is an amazing musician...and me love him long time.

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