Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day...but I'm celebrating with Chinese New Year

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE! While this Hallmark holiday makes me cringe, I am glad to see my family and friends having fun with their significant others. I was lucky to have TWO valentines this year....Chippy Do & D. Best friends are the best valentines. This year, I got Hello Kitty mini valentines for everyone a la grade school when you got the box full of pre-made cards and had to leave one on everyone's desk! They've been a big hit so far! <3

Because we have no one to really smoochie-smooch today, D and I are throwing a Chinese New Year themed party for a few friends in OUR celebratory style. Screw V-day. ;-) We will be making homemade Chinese...because I've found I can pretty much cook anything...baked mini eggrolls, sesame chicken and crispy almond cookies. I'm a bit nervous about the cookies, because they have some big shoes to fill. When I lived in Oak Park, Lizzy & I would go to the same Chinese restaurant because it was amazingly delicious every time. You know sometimes food at a restaurant will be perfection, but when you return and order the same exact thing, it tastes like camel spit? Yeah, never here. This place has THE BEST almond cookies. So, while mine may be "ok" for tonight's dinner gathering, I already know they won't live up to the best almond cookie in the world!

Please have a great day, whether or not you like this Hallmark holiday. Find a way to deal with the overly zealous couples and have fun with friends. And if you can, steal a kiss from the person you're pining for!

(Hey, if I can break up with a boyfriend ON Valentines Day (literally on 2/14/07 @ 6pm) but still remain happy, anyone can!)

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