Sunday, February 21, 2010


Earlier this week, I got an email newsletter from JAM Music. They always have awesome performances/concerts that I don't get from

The first concert it detailed was Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival being held at Toyota Park (in a Chicago 'burb) on June 26th. I knew he was back on tour; however, I had no clue that Guitar Fest was happening, and with SO many awesome performers. With the tickets being only $100, no matter what seat, I thought it was a steal for having the caliber of performers already confirmed.

Tickets were on pre-sale; however, you had to have a code or something. So, I had to wait along with the majority of the ticket buyers for the sale to begin on Saturday at 10am CST. As I waited the 48 hours to buy tickets, I kept getting more and more excited.

My dad had already told me he wanted to go, but we hadn't asked my mom or brother yet. But when my dad asked them, their response was "let's roll!" (Gotta love the Ewers family.)

I grew more and more anxious waiting for tickets because I KNEW this would sell out rather quickly. But I didn't realize exactly how quickly. I got on around 9:50am and clicked refresh every minute until it opened at 10am. I put my request in for the maximum 4 tickets and went to the jump page that shows you how long you have to wait until your available seat confirmation comes up. Usually when I do it, it takes maybe 10 seconds tops but I waited well over 2 minutes. It was CRAZY!

Long story short, we were able to get Section 112, Row 10, Seats 1-4 reserved. I went back right after I got the confirmation to get 2 tickets for a friend who had mentioned giving them to her boyfriend as a gift, but they were already sold out. That was around 10:11am.

CAN'T WAIT UNTIL 6/26!!! We've seen Eric Clapton before (my parents a few times) and it was awesome. I can only imagine what the whole day will be like!

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