Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hustle Up the Hancock 2.0

Well, being that I've had a blogging break for 2 months, I believe it's time to jumpstart this catch-up by discussing the Hustle Up the Hancock 2010 Climb.

Last year, my friends and I signed up for the Hustle as individual climbers, because we weren't sure we could get enough people for a team to make the cost do-able on our limited budgets. Being that I had never done anything like this before, my adventurous and challenging nature kicked in. The climb was amazing. I had never seen so many people up and ready so early in the morning before in my life! To make things better? My friend, Angel, ended up placing in the top 20 for the half climb (and in the top 10 for the half climb women results). My one complaint and overall shock was how stuffy and dry the air was in the stairwells. Even though our Hustle e-newsletter and tips warned about the air, it did counteract some of the training we all had done, because we weren't expecting it to be that bad.

So, this year, we were all in! And we were well aware of what to expect. I happened to recruit another friend to make our team 4 strong. The full climb was completely registered by the time our team went online to register, which meant we were stuck with the half climb. That ended up being perfectly OK as all of our schedules didn't lead to the best training.

Last year, my training consisted of Stair Master (at least) 5 times a week...sometimes training once in the morning and again after work. Yet, this year, I completely flacked. Elizabeth and Bri had a lot of stuff as well...gotta love work projects!!! Angel was the only teammate who consistently trained as well as she did last year, and she finished just like she did last year. She brings a tear to my little winner.

After we all reached the top and had eaten our banana, we were waiting waiting in line to take the elevator back down when it hit me. The worst allergy attack! I was sneezing non-stop, and I thought I was about to get a bloody nose. Liz reminded me that this happened last year, even though I had forgotten.

Our reward for the climb...a big cup of hot chocolate and brunch at Uncommon Ground. Definitely much needed after climbing a gazillion steps at 7:30am!

I'm definitely excited to do the climb again next year. We're going to keep going until we're all either married or move out of the city! It's always great to get to do things like this that are both athletic, challenging and with your friends. Note to self: Take an allergy pill before you go next time!

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