Saturday, February 7, 2009

Why population control is needed sometimes...

If you cannot take care of your children without support from family, friends, church or the government, then maybe you shouldn't have anymore...just an idea. Ok, let me rephrase that--your MAIN income shouldn't be from family, friends, church or government. Everyone gets help from time to time!

Nadya Suleman really pisses me off, and I can't really explain it as well as the video of her initial interview. It is obvious to me that she is effed up in the head. Alternative lifestyles are awesome! And I am all about invitro and artificial insemination for couples who want to have a family and can afford it. However, I am not about a woman having children to make herself feel fulfilled. With 7 children, if you don't feel fulfilled already, there is something else wrong and you need to seek help.

And with that last statement, I find it odd that her Master's Degree will be in counseling...THERE'S YER SIGN honey!

Ok, enough of this or I could be typing all night. And my fever still hasn't gone away from my flu and this topic would put me over the top.

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