Tuesday, January 13, 2009


So, as many young girls....and by young girls, I mean the mid 20's to mid 30's...may have seen today, New Kids on the Block is heading to the high seas for a 3-day cruise!

This news may make most men gag or laugh, but I can assure you that this cruise is going to be amazing. It will be full of NKOTB live entertainment, serving up some good times by the pool, old chicks screaming and throwing their training bras at the stage. Moreso, men, you can have the house to yourself while your girl's away! But that doesn't mean strippers are allowed across the threshold.

I recall last Spring when NKOTB started making appearances on various shows, such as Good Morning America...rumors spread quickly about a reunion tour! However, no confirmation was made. Thousands of woman went onto NKOTB.com and signed up for the e-newsletter in hopes we would hear the glorious confirmation that they would be getting back together. And then the blessed day came...

Words cannot express the excitement my friends and I felt when we got the e-newsletter teasing us to go online and check the upcoming news from the guys! We scampered to our laptops and typed N-K-O-T-B-.-C-O-M into Internet Explorer. *insert angels singing here* Our hotties were reuniting for a tour with about 15 city stops. Chicago happened to be one, but tickets were only up for presale to AmEx card members. Being that none of us had an AmEx card, we reverted to a total tweenager move. "Mom, can I charge tickets to your credit card? I promise we'll pay you back by the end of the month so you don't get charged intrest."

Thankfully, my friend's mom allowed us to use her card. And we got some amazing seats before the damn concert sold out in like 40 minutes!

Then, it was prep time. Jennifer fished out her NKOTB t-shirt circa 1993. AND she was still able to wear it. That thing had to have been a nightgown on her. We found old pictures, diary entries, slap bracelets, etc. Memorabilia that we just couldn't part with. I think subconsciously we knew this day would come.

*Dirty Dancing? Dont' mind if I do!

The time between purchasing the tickets and the date of the concert was filled with their new CD, burning CD's of their old music, loading our iPod's with everything NKOTB we could. I swear I must have stalked their website looking at all the videos that they posted.
Chicago was the 3rd loudest concert on the tour. I'd like to think that my hoarse voice at the end of the evening made a difference. And I can tell you I was partially deaf that evening. There was nothing better than experiencing the concert with my 2 best friends! It was good to be little again. Thank you Bacon for getting the tickets!

I am fully prepared to get made fun of by my other friends who are not NKOTB lovers. I did it before and I'll do it again. It's all for the love of the music, right? I can rest easy knowing I'm not the only one hoping to plan their entire vacation in May around this opportunity! Or maybe I am?

Since this announcement happened today, the website has been down and no further information has been posted. I feel like I'm going all CNN on this breaking news. Ok, no more talking or thinking about this. It's getting a little too consuming and ridunkulous.

Subconscious fantasy as I'm trying to wean myself off of thinking about the cruise: I hope to get all Gilligan's Island on this cruise...mmmmm...stranded w/ NKOTB on a dessert island....with their sculpted bodies & me in my bikini! GROSS...note to self, go to the gym.

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