Saturday, January 31, 2009

NKOTB updates

As previously mentioned in my first NKOTB related post, a cruise is happening in May. Unfortunately, financial status and the economy falling down the crapper forced me to make some observations before purchasing the tickets (please see below).

First, let's analyze the NKOTB cruise pricing:
1. Cheapest per person room rate: about $700-$750

2. Roundtrip airfair from ORD or MDW to Miami: about $350-$450

3. Alcohol on trip: Unable to estimate at this time

4. Gratuities for alcohol: Based on the value of #3

5. Stupid memoriabilia purchases: Based on the consumption of #3

Estimated total: Too much than I was willing to spend!!!!

Observations and reasons why NOT to buy tickets:
1. Pay for new laptop
2. Pay for car insurance
3. Pay for May trip with Annie to visit Lindsay in South Carolina
4. Road trip in March with Brianne to visit Denise in Houston
5. Credit card bills
6. Put money in savings for my house (to be purchased before 30)
7. Tickets to see Spamalot with Chip & tickets to Chicago for Brianne's birthday

And as I sat angry and depressed at not being able to afford this NKOTB cruise which was expected to change my life...I found out some devistating news--NKOTB planned additional tour dates that didn't come close to the Chicagoland area.

But my dreams were put back together again on Wednesday as my best friend, Brianne, discovered a brand new stop in Champaign, IL for NKOTB on Sunday, April 5, 2009. WHAT? Our dreams have been realized...ever since this evening...

...we have been DYING to go see them again in concert. If we can't do it by air or sea, by damn, we'll do it by car.

Problems that happened today on our quest to the April 5th show:

a. LiveNation (being the sponsor of this date) had tickets available today. Ticketmaster had tickets available on Saturday, February 7th. Hhhmm....???

As a resolution to this problem, I called my friend, Jennifer, who works at LiveNation in L.A. She didn't pick up. DAMN! So, I sent her a text begging her to help us so we wouldn't end up ticketless. She called back...2 1/2 hours later. That's when the other problem happened...

b. The April 5th concert isn't showing as verified on their company intranet site of shows. WHAT??????

As a resolution to this, Jennifer called her coworker for me but told me to follow Ticketmaster as they work with the LiveNation ticketing and promotion teams to update the most accurate information.

c. Waiting for Saturday, February 7th.

As a resolution we have created the proactive steps below.

Our next moves are to:
  • Patiently wait another 7 days to purchase tickets
  • Observe all 3 websites (LivenNation, Ticketmaster & the UofI Assembly Hall site) for info
  • Figure out the stage configuration to effectively purchase the proper section
  • Make signs for this show (as we were lame and had NO signs last time)
  • Find matching slap bracelets and bedazzle a group fanny pack
  • Get an early-90's perm 2 weeks before the concert to allow the necessary adjustment
  • Choreograph an insanely unique dance to our favorite songs
  • Write love letters and send via the fan mail address...oh wait, 26 year olds don't do that?

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