Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Taken" must be the best thriller in 2009!

Got back from seeing Taken with my buddy, Elizabeth. It's now 10:29pm CST and I am not in the mood to go out after seeing this movie! Seriously...TMI, but...I'm still pitting. This movie was like a good cardio workout for the better part of 60 minutes of the movie. Instead of doing stairs or running, I'm going to buy this movie, watch it on repeat and hope the popcorn and chocolate don't add any extra weight.

Liam Neeson is sexy, and I don't care if he's my dad's age (or close to it). He kicked some major apples in the movie and proved himself to be quite the action hero. Move over Matt Damon and your Bourne trilogy...and entre vouz Mr. Neeson.

I hope that this movie does well in the box office because Lizzy & her cousin hadn't even seen previews for it before we went tonight. On the other hand, I had seen the trailer as well as Neeson's interview on The View. It mixes a real global issue of human trafficing, mixes in the thriller aspect and international drama. PERFECTO!

I will never say "good luck" the same way again...if you see the movie, you'll understand. I would recommend this for a theater visit, not just a Netflix rental.

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